About us

Where Wema lives

Wema is a family owned food business based in the town of Paarl. Paarl is the third oldest town in South Africa and situated a stone's throw away  from Cape Town at the foot of the Klein Drakenstein mountain range.

What we do at Wema

The company trades in the Boland region of the Western Cape and is focused on procuring, bagging and supplying essential granular products to our clients. 

For well over a decade we have been involved in the South African agricultural markets and have built up an extensive network of farmers, traders, logistic companies and other service providers. 

On the distribution side we have ties with many independent wholesalers and retail stores in the township communities.  This gives us access to markets not easily serviced by the traditional large corporate companies. 

All of the above translates into the mission we have at Wema - serving our community with access to basic granular products at competitive prices.

What Wema stands for

We keep things simple. The meaning of the word embraces what we as a company stand for.

Wema is a Swahili word having the following meanings:
• Goodness
• Kindness
• Excellence
• Virtuous

These qualities underpin how we do business. We firmly ascribe to first principle thinking and am continually working at ways to serve our community better.

Meet the Team


Harry holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and is a MBA graduate from Stellenbosch Business School (USB). He is currently managing the operations of the  Wema supply chain and business development.


Hilde is a qualified Chartered Accountant CA(SA). She is managing the business administration and finances of Wema Foods.

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