Below is the list of products that we have available. Products can be purchased in bulk or small quantities. We can procure agricultural commodities of any kind, so let us know what you need - we will be happy to assist. 
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Our popcorn is produced locally and of very high quality. It has not been genetically modified and contains no gluten. The production and processing methods meet international standards and as such is finding growing interest from international buyers in India, West Africa and Europe. Available in the Butterfly variety and packed in 25kg bags.  


Our red speckled sugar beans and black eyed beans are sourced locally. A range of peas, lentils and grains are imported from Australia, Canada, the USA, East Africa and Eastern Europe. These include whole green peas, yellow peas, red lentils, green lentils as well as the split products. 

Canola oil

We supply a non-GMO extra virgin cold-pressed canola oil. The canola seeds are pressed in a single process and retains all the color and natural flavours expected from this basic processing method. The non-GMO canola seeds are grown locally. The oil is available in 1000 litre flow bins or 25 litre drums and can be bottled on request.


We offer whole white or yellow maize in 50kg bags. The maize can be repacked into smaller quantities as required. 

Yellow maize flower and white maize flower can be supplied on request.                               

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