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If you have any small scale packaging requirements of dried goods we can help you with those. The machines are capable of packing granular products such as rice, nuts, coarse salt or spices, coffee, chips, peanuts, sunflower seeds, grains, beans etc.

We have a high volume Form Fill and Seal machine. This machine can make pillow bags from laminated plastics and can pack products with a volume in the region of 500 ml. The bag width is 132 mm. Length can be adjusted on the machine. The bag is sealed with a fin seal on the back. Date and batch numbers can be printed on the packaging. Packaging ability is in the region of 4 metric tons per day.

With our 2 head linear scale we can pack across a broader range. This is a semi automatic process where measuring is automated and filling and sealing is done by hand. Date and batch numbers can also be supplied to your packaging. Sealing by hand enables us to accommodate a wide range of bag type and forms. The Semi-Automatic packaging process can pack weights between 50g up to 2000g with an estimated packing speed of 1000 packets per day.
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